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Clinical Hardship Evaluations

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Sunshine State Counseling Center provides thorough clinical hardship evaluations to individuals and their relatives undergoing stressful immigration processes. The purpose of a clinical hardship evaluation is to identify areas in the individual’s life that may be extremely compromised as result of a forced separation from the applicant or relocation out of the country.

The clinical hardship evaluations include detailed interviews including but not limited to the following areas: family, medical, developmental, psychiatric, mental health, legal, financial, educational and professional history. The clinician will also explore current stressors, mental health symptoms, support systems, personal strengths, limits and personal views of the future.

The clinical hardship evaluation is completed and submitted to support the application for “extreme hardship” waiver of inadmissibility. The clinical hardship evaluation will allow the clinician to make clinical recommendations as well as declaring if the qualifying relative might or not suffer extreme hardship if the waiver is denied.

A clinical hardship evaluation is usually completed in two hours however, the evaluation time will expand as needed. The cost of the hardship evaluation ranges from $500 to $700 which is dependent upon many factors including but not limited to: the complexity of the case, the number of qualifying family members participating in the evaluation, and if the report needs to be expedited.