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Group Psychotherapy


Sunshine State Counseling Center offers psychoeducational and psychotherapy groups to children and adults.

Groups at sunshine state counseling center are educational and include but are not limited to: enhancement of social skills, abuse prevention/education, safety, anger management and parenting.

Psychotherapy groups allow for several individuals sharing similar life challenges, symptomatology and mental health issues to come together to normalize and learn about their symptoms, enhance their coping skills, problem solve and challenge harmful beliefs and defeating behaviors.

Psycho-therapeutic Groups allow for its members to normalize own symptoms, help each other, share their strengths, and learn to modify behaviors that are destructive or unhelpful in their daily life, as they practice new behaviors in a safe and supportive setting. Moreover, individuals receive feedback from the group and the therapist leading to greater understanding of him or herself, and a sense of belonging and acceptance.

At Sunshine State Counseling Center our clientele is invited to participate in any of our available groups as part of their treatment. Groups are built as clients with similar needs present and request.